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Lumbar Sacral Belt (Lumbopore) offers the advantage of advanced designing and technically correct materials so as to provide the patient effective support and immobilization on one hand and excellent aesthetics and comfort on the other. Lumbopore maintains the lumbar and sacral regions in the neutral position to allay low back pain syndrome.

  • Extra porous
  • Anatomically shaped
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Double pull mechanism
  • Semi-rigid contoured splints


  • Low backache(lumbago) and Lumbosacral Strains
  • Lumbar spondylitis
  • Intervertebral disc syndrome
  • Irritative conditions of the facet joints
  • Osteoporotic pain of the lumbar spine
  • Degenerative changes of the lumbar spine
  • Comfort during long working hours and travel
  • Corrects postural fatigue arising from prolonged seated work or poor sleep pattern
  • Discomfort related to Lumbago 
  • Light in weight with a high porosity which improves ventilation and patient comfort
  • The anatomical design ensures better compression thanks to semi-rigid splints which are pre-shaped to perfectly fit the sacral lumbar region (lower back) of the user.


  • Monofilament stripped elastic is durable and has better compression. It is light in weight and highly porous, which provides more ventilation and improves comfort.
  • Anatomical, pre-shaped, semi-rigid splints ensure perfect fitting, better immobilization, and enhanced comfort. It relieves muscular stress due to the wrong posture.
  • Spacer fabric at the back enhances cushioning even in thin cross-sections, allows effective splinting action, due to closeness to the body.
  • The double pull elastic mechanism provides extra compression for effective splinting action and firm grip.
  • A broad hook-loop panel ensures easy application and better sizing flexibility.


  • Lumbar Sacral Belt is made from turquoise striped elastic which is, light in weight, highly porous and has strong compression.
  • Anatomically streamlined shape provides perfect fitting around the waist, effective immobilization, and enhanced patient comfort.
  • Preshaped semi-rigid stays integrated into the back panel help in providing the anatomically correct support to the lumbosacral region.
  • Spacer fabric provides the requisite cushioning for enhanced comfort.
  • The double pull elastic mechanism allows extra compression and firm grip to the lumbar Sacral region.
  • A broad hook-loop panel facilitates in perfect fitting and adjustment of the belt around the waist, controlled compression, quick easy application, and removal.
  • Contents:

    Polyoxymethylene, Polyester, Etha foam, Spandex, Polyamide, Rubber, TPE

 How to Use

  • The belt is wrapped around the waist keeping it upright See the “up inside” label.
  • The back panel is placed in the center of the vertebral column, with the lower edge of the belt that should coincide with the sacrum at the level of S2 vertebrae.
  • Close hook loop fasteners to a comfortable compression.
  • Stretch and fasten the double pull mechanism elastics for added grip and firmness of the splints.


  • Use this product under the guidance of a qualified doctor.
  • Discontinue use and seek the guidance of a qualified doctor, in case of
    • Impaired sensation 
    • Impaired blood flow 
    • Allergy rash or itching 
    • Pain Increases or persists
  • Misuse or improper use of the device can lead to adverse effects and decreased effectiveness.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned on the box carefully.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • adjust padding and strapping for a secure and comfortable fitting.
  • The product is preferably worn over a cotton lining or undergarment.
  • The manufacturer may change item color/packaging to a new design. We will ship the latest product.

 Size Chart

Lumbar Sacral Belt Lumbopore


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