Burnaid Gel

Also available – Burnaid Gel Dressings

Anyone that has ever experienced first or second-degree burns can testify that they are such a painful and traumatic experience, especially for children.
Oftentimes, one of the first remedy people tend to adopt is to use a wet towel that was dipped in cold water, while that might seem to be a sensible option, it’s not very effective.
With burnaid gel you get an instant healing sensation for any degree type of burns. Furthermore, the gel can be used on all degree burns, from superficial sunburns, to partial and full thickness burns, even where there are open skin wounds present.

How does the burn aid gel work?

When the burnaid gel is placed on a burn, the gel is suspended on the skin. Moreover, from the patient’s perspective, they experience immediate pain relief from the cooling gel and the anesthetics properties that come with the Melaleuca Oil.

Further tissue damage is minimized because the cooling agent of the burnaid gel helps in stopping burn progression. Furthermore, because the gel’s property is 90% water, the gel rehydrates the affected part of the skin. Moreso, the possibility of secondary infection is very slim because the burn aid gel is sterile and is proven with effective biocidal properties.

How to Use

• Place burn area under cold running water for 20 minutes.
• Apply gel liberally to burn area. Do not rub.
• If necessary, cover with a clean, non-stick dressing.

The application of the gel helps to significantly reduce the need to administer medications for pain relief. The gel stays “in-situ” on the skin, which allows for easy transport to medical attention and can be easily rinsed off if a further medical examination is required.


The Burnaid gel is available in three variants:
• Burnaid gel 3.5g sachet
• Burnaid gel 25ml tube
• Burnaid gel 50ml spray

Burnaid gel dressings are also available

Cooling Properties

According to recent clinical studies conducted using Melaleuca alternifolia Hydrogel dressings; comparing their performance against tap water as a coolant concluded that cooling using a Melaleuca Hydrogel is an effective way to reduce tissue damage and increase the rate of wound healing.
Furthermore, in-vitro trials conducted for Melaleuca Oil showed that the water-soluble components of Melaleuca Oil regulated the inflammatory activities of monocytes. Melaleuca Oil suppresses monocyte production of inflammatory mediators and superoxide and thereby may prevent tissue damage.
Cooling can also aid in the preservation of mast cells and help reduce inflammation. The combination of these two may help minimise tissue damage. The cooling properties of the Burnaid Gel help stop burn progression and increase wound healing.

Pain Relief

In-vitro studies conducted at the University of Sydney using Melaleuca Oil on isolated nerve preparations indicated a classical local anaesthetic action of a reversible nature, but with some apparent difference in the mode of action to a common local anaesthetic substance such as procaine. This action was observed at dilutions as low as 1/2500. The Melaleuca Oil in Burnaid, combined with a 3mm layer of Burnaid Gel held in-situ by a dressing, provides rapid cooling pain relief to the patient.

Infection Control

The antimicrobial activity of one of the ingredients in Burnaid – The Melaleuca Oil, is well-documented in the scientific literature. Testing of Burnaid Burn Gel Tubes (4% Melaleuca Oil) under British Pharmacopoeia Preservative Test indicated Burnaid passed the test.

Safety – Toxicity, Skin Irritation and Sensitisation

In-vivo studies conducted on Burnaid indicate a Draize irritation index of 0 for acute dermal irritation, indicating a non-irritant.
Skin sensitisation studies indicated slight intradermal irritation reactions, although no sensitisation properties are shown.
Oral toxicity studies indicate the LD50 to be greater than 10g/Kg – indicating a very low potential toxicity.
Burnaid Gel 4% was evaluated as a very mild eye irritant using the Draize procedure. 21-day cumulative irritancy testing of a 10% Melaleuca Oil formulation conducted on humans showed that generally, low percentage formulations used topically such as Burnaid gel would appear to pose little risk of skin irritation when applied under normal conditions.

Wound Healing

In-vivo studies examining the effect of The Melaleuca Oil on experimental wounds indicated that when compared to untreated control wounds, there was no significant difference in healing times indicating the active ingredient in Burnaid – Melaleuca Oil, did not delay wound healing.


Burnaid Dressings are gamma-irradiated at a minimum dosage of 25Kgys. Independent review of the radiation sterilisation practices and laboratory testing procedures used on Burnaid gave a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) above 10-6 – ensuring compliance as a sterile medical device under FDA and European Union Sterile Devices Codes.

Regulatory Approval

Burnaid gel is approved for sale under US FDA, Australian TGA, European Union CE, NZ – MOH, and throughout selected countries in Asia and the Middle East.


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